Nasser Malalla Advocates and Legal Consultants is a licensed law firm which is registered at the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates. It registers trademarks as it reserves the rights of its clients through registering their trademarks and trade names in order to protect them from abuse or misuse unlawfully or inappropriately in a way that may harm the trademark or its owners. In addition, we attest and reserve copy rights, intellectual property and the author’s rights pursuant to federal law no. 37 for the year 2002. We take all the legal procedures to prevent infringement of the trade name or the trademark owned by our clients in order to protect their rights and efforts which they have transmitted through the years to make their trade names and trademarks popular, reliable and trustworthy.

Nasser Malallah Law Firm is a registered and registered office at the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates where it registers the trademarks in which it preserves the rights of its customers by registering their trademarks and trade names in a legal manner that prevents them from infringing or misusing them. Legal or Inappropriate may harm this mark or its owners. We also document and preserve copyright, intellectual property rights and copyright under Federal Law No. 37 of 2002 and take all legal services to prevent infringement of name Or the brand owned by our customers. This is why it is so important to keep their efforts through them and through the long years of raising these names and signs so high that they became known to everyone so that the brand and reputation gained a good reputation and great confidence in the customers in the market.

The services of the Office are not limited to the registration and registration of these marks, names and rights at the Ministry of Economy. They also include the filing of complaints with the police stations in the event of infringement by unauthorized persons and filing a complaint with the Electronic Crimes Department and the Ministry of Economy. To claim all material and moral rights of the client .

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