Contract drafting is considered as the cornerstone of all actions and procedures. The effects of drafting emerging as soon as the parties sign the contracts, and continues along the term of the company and as long as the individuals continue to work and carry on business with each other. The contract drafting effects even continue after the dissolution of the company or the individuals’ dispute. Therefore, in Nasser Malalla Advocates and Legal Consultants, we have paid great attention to this field, starting from listening carefully to the client to understand his point of view and to know about his fears and the smallest details in order to draft contracts accurately and lawfully in order to prevent the occurrence of any problems, Our firm pays great attention to using the legal terms and phrases correctly and accurately either legitimately or grammatically in order to avoid manipulation or misuse of the contract by anyone contrary to what is intended.

Where the formulation of contracts and right is the cornerstone of all actions and actions and starts the effects of this formulation from the first moment that the parties sign and continue with them the length of the company’s continuation and the continuation of people to work and trade with each other and continue to raise the contract after the company’s dissolution or different Therefore, we have entrusted Nasser Mal Allah Law Firm and Legal Consultancy with great importance to this field of law. It started with good listening to the client, his point of view, points that might frighten him or him, as well as listening to the theoretical and practical details. The contracts shall be drafted in the proper and legal manner, in such a way as to be considered as the dam capable of causing any problems, guaranteeing the rights of all parties to the contract, arranging their duties and obligations and clarifying them without ambiguity or ambiguity.

In this regard, our office focuses on the proper and proper control of legal terms and phrases, whether by the legal or the linguistic authorities, because it is important to prevent tampering with any party or misuse of the contract contrary to what was intended. We also focus on the extent to which the terms and conditions of the agreement and the contract are in conformity with the applicable laws and not to violate them and the possibility of implementing these terms and conditions on the ground. Therefore, we have taken care to appoint a team of qualified legal advisors who are well versed in all types of laws and fluent in Arabic and English.

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