With over 18 years of accumulated experiences, Nasser Malalla Advocates and Legal Consultants law firm has a professional team of advocates and legal consultants who are working professionally in the field of criminal law especially that advocate/ Nasser Malalla has worked in the criminal and police field previously during his work in Dubai Police for 8 years before entering into the field of law firms, which have furnished him with a lot of practical experiences in this field, as well as wide range of connections in one of the most important fields of law.

Our work in this field is based on analysing evidences accurately with great care. We explain the facts orally and do not submit written memos only, since convincing the judge and explaining the case play a great role in criminal law, either in accepting and registering the case, or in defending the agents, as the case may be.

NMLaw-Criminal law

Our firm represents its clients for example but not limited to the following case:

  • Crimes of Fraud
  • Breach of Trust
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Crimes of Robbery
  • Murder Intention
  • Money laundering
  • Crimes of attacking either self or money, or entering into the property of others
  • Crimes of medical negligence and work injuries
  • The crime of drugs and the use of psychotropic substances, and its promotion or trading
  • Commercial Fraud Cases

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