The Bankruptcy law as per decree no.9/2016 aims Avoiding bankruptcy and liquidation of the debtor’s properties, seizing them, or selling them in the public auction to enable the debtor to arrange his financial matters, restructuring his company, organizing his affairs and commerce that in turn shall help him in paying his debts  within determined period and continue his commerce so that this process shall not cause prejudice to any of the equation parties whether the debtor or the creditor, and the trader shall not have to escape or hide from the debtors.

This purpose is what we sought to at Nasser Malallah Advocates and Legal Consultants, as we try our best to keep rights of all parties especially our clients through conducting direct negotiations with the creditors, holding serious and purposeful  meetings to join parties points of view,  provide serious and effective solutions that keep rights of each party, then document such conditions and sign them, or resort to competent courts to apply the suitable law according to status of the client whether creditor, or debtor, whether plaintiff or defendant. Our office previously represents several clients in bankruptcy cases and scheme of composition.

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